Courses - general information

Since 2010, we have been offering courses in the field of accounting, tax recordkeeping and taxes, including requalification courses in accounting and payroll accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Courses are conducted in such a way that students gain theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience in accounting and payroll.

Courses are open from three students up to a maximum of six students. This allows us a very individual approach, respecting the pace of each student. This approach opens up space for dealing with specific questions and accounting situations in which the student needs to gain confidence.

Teaching is mainly focused on practice - each lesson includes a number of examples to practise the lectured material. If necessary and desired, we provide students with additional materials for self-study (practical accounting examples with solutions).

Of course, all study materials are included in the price of the course.

Information on individual courses can be found in our course menu on the right.

All our courses are taught in Czech language only.

Lecturer's profile:

Kateřina Porubanová, a graduate of the Private Higher Professional School of Tax Consulting STING in Brno, with more than twenty years of experience in accounting and tax recordkeeping for individuals and legal entities engaged in production, trade and services. She has been teaching accounting since 2010.



"I very much appreciate the prepared scripts and the interpretation, where the theory was translated into practice. The interpretation was supplemented by independent exercises with checking the posting of examples and, where necessary, explaining what I did not understand. The course was sufficient for me and I learned a lot of new information beyond the course."
Mrs. Ingrid P.

"I liked the individual approach, clear scripts and easy to understand explanations. The small number of participants allowed for an individual approach, which I very much appreciated."
Mrs. Romana Č.

"The accounting course was absolutely amazing thanks to your perfect explanation and friendly atmosphere. I really appreciated the many examples, which allowed me to refresh myself on accounting examples I had forgotten. At the same time, I also learned about the recent changes that have occurred in the field of accounting. I believe that I will make full use of this knowledge in my new job. I enjoyed the whole course from the beginning to the end and I would like to thank you very much for that."
Mrs. Martina K.


"I was absolutely thrilled with the online accounting courses I took with Mrs. Porubanová. Thanks to the online connection with the teacher via Skype and screen sharing, I was able to complete 40 hours of accounting courses even with two small children. It saved me a lot of time that I would have spent traveling to and from the classroom. I consider it a huge advantage that I had the class to myself. The speed at which we went through the theory and examples was based entirely on my ability and needs. If I was struggling with something, we could stop there and do an extra example. As for the teacher, I can only praise Mrs Porubanová. She had an answer to all my questions and was able to explain everything. I was provided with study materials. Everything was as it should be. If I were to decide on accounting courses again, I would definitely choose this form of teaching and I would definitely choose Mrs. Porubanová again."
Ms Monika P. - graduate of the online accounting course


"I liked the individual approach, a lot of practical examples, answering all questions and the prepared scripts. The lecturer was helpful and pleasant. I was maximally satisfied, I have nothing to add."
Mrs. Lucie D.

"I liked the way of teaching, the small number of students, the individual approach to everyone and the unlimited questions. I was satisfied with the course."
Mrs. Lucie Š.


"I appreciated the practical focus of the course - suitable even for a person who has not dealt with this issue before. The course content was clearly structured, the theoretical explanation was supplemented by many practical examples and advice. Overall, the course met my expectations one hundred percent."
Mrs. Petra M.