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Webinars are broadcast live over the internet.
Webinar participants will receive materials and a registration link via email the day before the webinar. No software installation is required. The webcast takes place in a web browser. Participants may ask questions during the presentation.
A recording of the webinar will be made and provided to all participants who have registered for the webinar.
All our webinars are taught in Czech language only.
The cost of the webinar is CZK 1 500.

Topics of our webinars:

Annual billing for complete beginners:

  • Annual billing timeline.

  • To whom can and to whom cannot annual tax reconciliation be conducted.

  • The procedure regarding employees for whom annual tax reconciliation cannot be conducted.

  • The procedure regarding employees for whom annual tax reconciliation can be conducted.

  • Practical guidance on how to make an annual tax reconciliation.

  • Deductible items.

  • Tax rebates.

  • An example of annual tax reconciliation including completing the income tax return for income from dependent activities.

Economic result and its distribution:

  • Calculation of the economic result.

  • Non-tax expenses and revenues.

  • Adjustment of the economic result to the tax base.

  • Calculation of tax and computation of mandatory advances.

  • Distribution of economic result.

Pension insurance and pension record sheet (ELDP):

  • Range of insured persons.

  • Small-scale employment.

  • Employment of persons in early retirement .

  • Employer's pension obligations.

  • How to fill in the ELDP correctly.

  • Examples for completing the ELDP.

Employee's maternity and parental leave:

  • Obligations of the employer in terms of OSH.

  • Fixed-term employment when an employee is substituted.

  • Obligations of the employee when taking maternity and parental leave.

  • Possibility of earning extra income while on maternity or parental leave.

  • Obligations towards institutions during maternity and parental leave from the perspective of the employee and the employer.

  • Provision of unpaid leave.

  • Return of the employee after maternity or parental leave.

  • Termination of employment for organizational reasons.

  • Annual tax reconciliation for employees on maternity or parental leave.

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